Single Malt Whisky

Single Malt Whisky is Whisky made exclusively of malted barley (malt) at one single distillery.

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Ardmore 23yo SMOS for Belgium

Ardmore 23yo 1998/2021 (51%, Single Malts of Scotland for The Nectar Belgium, Hogshead #750764, 245 bottles)
€180.00 incl VAT

Ardmore 8yo TWM Parlement

Ardmore 8yo 2013/2022 (53.8%, The Whisky Mercenary for 't Parlement Belgium, Bourbon Barrel, 261 bottles)
€95.00 incl VAT

Arran 2006 Peated Single Cask for Belgium

Arran 2006/2021 Peated (51.9%, OB for The Nectar Belgium, Bourbon Barrel #2006/016, 198 bottles)
€119.00 incl VAT

Arran The Bodega Sherry Cask

Arran The Bodega Sherry Cask (55.8%, OB 08/10/2021)
€53.00 incl VAT