The Bonding Dram, Belgium's online specialist whiskyshop since 2007.

The Bonding Dram has been around since May 2007 as the first Belgian webshop specialized in spirits. Single Malt Whisky is our core business with all references available from our own stocks. Besides the popular single malt whisky, our offer includes blended malt whisky, blended whisky and grain whisky. Scotland is the obvious source of most of our whiskies but we also have a wide selection of Japanese, Irish, American and even Indian and Belgian whisky for you. In our online shop you can not just buy whisky but there is also a quality selection of rum from around the world. 

Insured shipping worldwide. Free delivery in East Flanders with min. 100 euro purchase. We also offer to hold the bottles you buy in safe storage until you decide it's time to ship them.  

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Featured products

Asta Ila 12yo 2008/2021 Asta Morris

Asta Ila 'Distilled at an Islay Distillery' 12yo 2008/2021 (52%, Asta Morris, C# AM141)
€119.00 incl VAT

Cognac Prunier 1974 The Whisky Mercenary

Prunier 1974/2021 (58%, The Whisky Mercenary, Petite Champagne)
€289.00 incl VAT

Invergordon 1972 The Roots

Invergordon 49yo 1972/2022 (40.3%, The Roots, 60 bottles)
€395.00 incl VAT

Worthy Park 2007 Rum The Whisky Jury

Worthy Park 2007 Rum (59.1%, The Whisky Jury 2022, 271 bottles)
€113.99 incl VAT